I used to be great kid,everybody wanted to hang out with me,but my life turn around 360 degrees,so basically what happened is that i started be addicted and waste like 10 hours on computer on day,i forgot how to live my life,i never used drugs,alcohol etc.I feel like i wasted my whole life playing computer games,it's like addiction,i can't stop,i don't have any friends,am alone and still that thing.I started to thinking about what i could do in that time,but now it's to late do do anything.Way? Because all my friends don't even think of me,one kid of my neighbors even have sad that i do drugs.Then it started the ''dark'' part. I was exposed on every kind of pressure.On school i was alone,everybody started judge me.I was leaved alone,i watch how the kids play basketball in my neighborhood.I can't describe how i fell right now,alone in this dark place.But still something keep me in game.Believing that some day i will find my luck.I never want to happens bad kind of things.I wish you all be lucky and have more lucky and enjoyment in your lives.My is done.I want to point to you that you aren't secure even when you think that you are on top of the world..
That's my silly life. Ty everybody for reading this short story and i wish you luck with your lives.... :,(
clolest clolest
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013