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Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!!

It's been around as long as I've been alive.  Even way before I was born, unfortunately, it will be here long after I'm dead.  People being ugly and rude to each other.  Not only in the outside world but even here on EP.  I just don't understand why people feel the need to lash out with their hurtful, negative, rude remarks.  Can't they just be nice to people.  If you don't like a certain story or topic just move on.  There are some people here that act like their main reason to come to EP is to be spiteful.  They just love it.  It just makes their day to be ugly, rude, horrible, it's really sad!!! 

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 18 Responses Oct 19, 2008

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Hi cocon, yes, so true. Maybe being on EP will help them to let go and NOT be so angry and rude. By the way, I love your avatar...:-)

Yeah, the more time I spend on the internet the more I still get amazed, inspired, letdown, surprized, loved, unloved. You run into so many differnt types, every single day. Like I always tell people, especially the ones that are so afraid of the internet. Just like there's you and me, there have to be toehrs here, just like us, and there are!!! :-) On the net and off...

Wow. It's good to find like-minded people. Most people are ok, some are mean and nasty, and some are very nice. What I find most is that most people are pretty self-centered and don't care to really listen to others. They're way too self interested. There's a difference between self-centered and self esteem. What doesn't help at all are all these reality shows in which the people that act out are the ones that get the screen time. I think older people know that it's just for tv, but I'm afraid young, impressionable minds will think that's an appropriate way to act. I'm just glad there's really people out there (on here) that recognize that it's important to be nice.

LMBO, Ohhhh, here I thought you were gonna defend me and you just want to hide with me. YOUR CRAZY, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, PTMAN!!!!

Hey Markie, yes, we are here not only to GIVE SUPPORT but also to RECIEVE SUPPORT. You know as well as I, we will always have to deal with those crazy, rude, selfish people. Maybe some of them will change being around good, decent people like all of my great, loving, supportive friends, just like YOU!!!

i'm here for you baby, tell where to hide. we'll hide together. lol<br />
<br />
you know i will.

Heehee, Hi PTMAN, if they do, will you come to my rescue, lol???

does someone need some cyber *** kicking sweetie? lol

Hello wiseowl, yes, I totally agree. I will always remember how my stepdad could sometimes be so rude and hurtful. It is em<x>bedded in my brain, forever!!!

Hello lena, yes, definitely, if I don't agree with a story, I just move on. I once commented on someone's story about a certain perfume that she liked but I didn't. I really hated that certain perfume. I even sort of made fun of it. After I commented I realized that her story was about how much she loved her perfume and I had no right to go on and comment the way that I did. She wasn't a friend of mine but I just felt so bad about what I did. It took me a few hours to find this girl but I found her and I pm'ed her and apologized. She thanked me for going out of my way just to find her and apologize. I felt much better and I hope she did too. After that I never commented negatively again.<br />
And I definitely believe in, Do unto other's as you would have them do unto you!!!

Sadly, they lose respect from others. That's something that is not easy to gain back.People always remember the bad behavior forever.

Hello Exhale, it's good that on those bad days when you were rude, you still remember. That shows that you're usually a good and respectful person. We all have our bad days from time to time. It is true that many people think just because someone is young that they will automatically be rude but that's not true. Rudeness comes in all ages and in all colors. I've been pretty lucky, I rarely have to encounter rude people, even here at EP. Thank you for commenting.

I can actually remember the two times in my life I've been rude to strangers when they've been slightly stroppy and I've been very stressed. I just haven't got the nerve to be deliberately argumentative. It ruins my day.<br />
<br />
Once I was arguing with my sister and accidentally knocked into someone. I apologised straight away and she started lecturing me so I walked off...I was 16. Then at 18 a woman shouted at me at the car wash and I just couldn't understand why...I just wanted to get on with my day so told her to 'shut the f- up' and drove away. I ended up feeling terrible about it all day cause, as much as I swear around my friends, it felt really naughty :o<br />
<br />
I think generally rude people (and I know a few) are generally miserable with themselves...I have tried to explain that they are probably generating this misery through their own rudeness. Its a vicious cycle.<br />
<br />
It doesn't help that adults are often expecting young people to be rude, and so are immediately quite hostile towards them. They are leading by example and not in a good way.<br />
<br />
x x

I have a very sarcastic nature but I try to never be mean or cruel. The people closest to me understand my twisted sense of humor and know that I'm not being a *****.<br />
<br />
I also like to commit random acts of kindness.

amen lily

Of course your making sense,I can be very sarcastic but only with people that really know me,otherwise people that don't really know me will think I'm being a *itch.Some of my closer friends and I call each other *itch but you(not you but people in general)better not call me a *itch unless you're a close friend.Not that I would ever hit or cuss anyone out for calling me that,it was just understood back in my day and even now that only my close friends could say that to me and me to them.I try to never be rude to people,I hear certain friends of mine bragging about how rude they were to this person or that person and all I can think is (to myself of course)jeeze this person sure does have a lot of anger issues,and let me tell you from someone who has anger issues(me)I still try to always be nice,I always try to do exactly what the title of my story is about!!

I find in this day and age people have the facial ex<x>pressions to go with it, so you really are left with the impression that they are being mean and spiteful directly to you. I hate it. I guess I notice what my face is doing and what words are coming out of my mouth even when I am joking around. Sarcasm is like that right (I never understood it) where you joke about something that is not true? I hate sarcasm, probably cause I just don't get it and think it is mean. I hate to speak this into existence but, words can kill sometimes, indirectly. Why can't people just be more careful of what they say and how they say it?<br />
I had an experience with someone who was calling me a "B", and when I let her know it wasn't nice she said "Aw it's ok, all of my friends call each other that.". But yeah, if I did it to her she totally would've punched me.<br />
I wholeheartedly agree with the do unto others philosophy, but it seems like it's getting squashed by the younger generations.<br />
I feel so alienated because I like to do the right thing and not hurt people. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I even making sense? Socialism scares me.

I'm with you..people these days can be so mean with their words..

Lol,I love Bambi,it's my favorite Disney cartoon.