Upon The Subject Of Global Warming.

First off I'm going to say this: this is not about abusing others. The reason that I'm posting here is to correct mistakes that I have seen other people purport as scientific fact. Hence why I do not post who made these mistakes.

Ok i only have one to post at the moment. I found this hideous monstrosity of a claim when answering a question on global warming. There were many others there, but those were more subtle and would take far too long for me to debunk. I chose this one in particular as it beautifully illustrates why i made this group.

"Fact: Carbon has never driven climate."

I'm sorry to offend, but the sheer stupidity of this person had me laughing. Anyone who knows about the natural cycles of the earth, starts with the earth in its early stages. We know that originally, Earth's early atmosphere was similar to that of Mars today; chiefly composed of Carbon Dioxide with very little oxygen. Then photosynthetic life evolved. This is what changed everything. As these basic lifeforms began to evolve and develop, they began to consume more and more of the Carbon in the atmosphere, locking it up. And so as hundreds of millions of years went by and plants covered the Earth's surface, more and more carbon was removed from the atmosphere. This cooled the Earth's temperature, due to the resulting dip in the greenhouse effect. 

I dunno about you but i think that's a pretty sound, if simple, example of change in atmospheric carbon driving climate change.

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True. Maybe i was a little course. But to me it was one of those things you had to laugh at, or else despair.