Is Calling On a Telephone An Excuse to Be a ****?

Cos if it is ...I am in the wrong jop. Technical Support. Most people are okay... some are anxious ...some are impatient ...some are apologetic ...some are understandably upset ...some are just plain ignorent, rude, stubberb and unwilling to see anybodies point of view.

How do you like this: one of the calls I had this evening... ended, after me helping this guy to the best of my ability: i had to refer him as he had got through to the wrong department: I says THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME ..huh? Nice eh? People? they sure do need to be nicer.

Pain is a cancer within us all. Some people can't deal with it. That man, he is weak. It takes balls sometimes to be the nice guy, to not always lookout for yourself ...and be selfish all the time.

ritchflynn ritchflynn
22-25, M
Mar 10, 2009