Very Much So

Yet it extends to beyond politeness, to a basic recognition of other people being individuals.

That petty things in the long-run do not matter and I am extremely glad for you if they are the most severe frustration and pain you have had to go through, particularly those that live for the office, but not the actual work, just the office politics.

A recognition that people are there and they are there as they also need to pay their mortgage and not there just to keep you company throughout the day, or say the diplomatic thing when they have other things going on. 

Whispered voices behind closed doors do not get to me, they make me realise how some people never outgrow the mindset of nursery school, and really do you have nothing more important to talk about than the receptionist or me 'in my ivory tower', i think it was quoted today.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

awe you are so right on this one!