"who Cares You Only Live Once," About His Not Getting Checked Out For V.d.

I had a boyfriend last year for a few months and when it came time for us to be together we were protected...on my insistence.  The next time I was checking him out with my hand if you know what I mean and felt a bump!  He tried to pawn it off as a scar he had for years and said, "I want to ride 'bare back,' with you,"

I said no and then insisted I look a little closer at what he had on him.  He wasn't pleased and yes, it ruined the moment.  Having a history in being a Registered Nurse I recognized what I thought to be a wart.  At the time he was such a romanticizing man that he went and got, 'checked out,' at the V.D. clinic.  Funny, he kept bugging me to look the place up as though it were my responsibility.  In the meantime there was no messing with me. 

He finally got checked and yes, they found and burned a wart off and he minimized the whole thing, "Oh, it's just like chicken pox, everyone has it in their system."  Terrible thing is a friend of mine got it inside of her cervix and needed to have it surgically removed, hospital visit, anesthesia the whole deal.  They still treat it the same way for women today, unless it's on the outside of the vagina. 

He and I kept in touch because we still liked one another a great deal.  However, when we started seeing one another about seven months later he was pleasant enough at first.  Then he began to get insistent that we be together sexually.  During out seven months apart he had been seeing another woman who he admittedly cheated on.  Yes, I was asking myself the same thing, 'what was I doing with this guy.'  However, he had hit skid row after an incident with her where he ended up in jail, got out in a few weeks, lost his job, was evicted from his apartment and lost most of his supposed 'friends.'  I hung out with him because I thought I could be a positive force in his life seeing how his life was going downhill fast...at 40 years old renting a room from one of his few last friends and having to start his career all over again.  I still did care for him. 

He did have a drinking problem and lately had been drinking and smoking pot like crazy to as he said, "self medicate for his anxiety and depression."  After our short month of seeing one another sans sex he began to put the pressure on and said, "Who cares you only live once," and refused to go to the V.D. Clinic again. I flatly refused to have sex with him.  We stopped seeing one another just a few weeks ago when I witnessed him without being juiced up on alcohol or pot.  He was nasty, mean, moody and abusive.  I'm finally over liking him.  Now, in the meantime he's out there at the bars probably having sex with women who could unknowingly be getting something he could have caught along the way of his playboy lifestyle. 
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Good on you, problem with us humans is that we know it aint' gonna work (for all the right/wrong reasons) but still we will endeavor to "try" and make it work? Glad you moved on.

just because he was blase about his health and using protection doesn't mean that he should have expected you to have the same atttitude. i didn't have that problem much with men not wanting to use protection, but if they weren't willing to "wrap it up" i made it more than clear that they would get nothing from me.

Thanks private courier...you're insightful and bright. Funny, I'm one of those women who are unusual, (some call me a 'good weird') and dress different too. Anyway, yes, it's hard to explain that magnetism of chemistry. I'm so glad I'm over it too. Like you I thought the same thing, "what am I doing with this guy"). Yeah, I'm moving on. Thanks for your comment...I enjoyed it. I can tell you're in interesting man just by your vernacular. Have a good day!

Wow, tough story. My first reaction was to think: what were you doing with that guy? But then I thought that attraction works in strange ways and we sometimes get attached to people that do not deserve our affection at all but that have a strange magnetism. I've always looked for women who I thought were unusual. Those who work in things that I find interesting, those who wear unconventional clothes and do not care for the fashions of the day...I have made my mistakes as well. I'm glad that you did not got into trouble with this guy and that the attraction is finally over and you are moving on.