is safer. Please use protection.  You don't want to end up getting a illness that stay with you forever.

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Do yourself a favour and read up on STD's (dont forget to look at the pictures, they will really make you think twice). You will notice there are quite a few that will get transmitted by skin to skin contact, not just genital to genital contact. That means that a condom won't save you, and quite frankly you'd have to wrap yourself in latex completely to prevent infection (some people might get off on that). <br />
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Just in case you thought you can spot when someone has an SDT, many of them do not show symptoms or the infected tissue is hidden away so well, there is no way for you to know. The other bummer of course... some of them take up to six months to show any symptoms. Lets not forget the biggie, AIDS, if the condom broke it could be your death sentence. <br />
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The truth is that women are much more prone to be infected by SDT's than men are, simply because of their biology. If my information is correct, there are more than 25 SDT's on the market today, all yours, for free. My apologies if this sounds like a lecture, but for many years I believed in this 'condom is safe' message and took too many risks. Not any more. If you going to play Russian Roulette on this issue, it's better to know the odds are stacked against you to come up short (no pun intended)

Thanks for your insightful comment.