Condoms, Pills,rings, Shots, Diaphrams I Don't Care Take Your Pick.

Not only does protection protect you from disease and infection, but can also protect you from having a child. I KNOW you why am I telling you this? Well because I think people focus way too much on only one of the benefits of contraception either to prevent pregnancy or to keep your body safe. Either one you choose I give you kudos for taking advantage of what we have to prevent the spread of STD's and also to prevent pregnancy. Whether you are an extremely conservative christian or just a normal person who enjoys sex contraceptives helps everyone. You don't like abortions? Hey DONT get pregnant, prevent it...there are a few choices at hand. You hate kids? Awesome  there's something for you too. Don't like the feeling of rubber well hey why don't you pay half of your GF's RX for her pills? I don't think there is an excuse. And women on the pill...Is it so damn hard to take it everyday?! Not taking it everyday could up your chances of getting pregnant...the pill doesn't work for you? IUD. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time everyday.

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1 Response Sep 4, 2011

The only form of birth control that is used for men is the condom, it the most effective birth control I can think of and it can stop most STD's. The only drawback is that I don't think it prevents the spread of herpes or gental warts, I could be wrong. Never had the misfortune of such afflictions. The pill is aweful, doesn't prevent aids, it is easy to take, Depo makes gain weight, remember the today sponge? That can get lost.Spermacidal jelly is good if you are sure that your partner is faithful along the withdrawl method, worked for for 9 years. If all is too much for, so is casual sex. HPV is out there, crabs, herpes, etc, yuck, nasty, seen on youtube. Aids kills, who wants to spend all your money on drugs that keep you alive that probably make you sick. May God be with those people. One sick partner will kill you. You got to wonder where the cold sore came from they are contagous, need to do more research, but I have my suspicions.