Wearing A Condom Shows That

A) YOU love yourself and respect yourself!

B) you love, care, respect

the person with which you are about to show how much you desire them, love them, want them, while still caring to put on

A ******* CONDOM! Something!!!

Otherwise, don't cheat!!!! If so, do it responsibly! Dont bring infections, diseases and whatever else can come with unprotected sex.

If you cannot remain with the same partner, you need to start closing your legs as a woman, meaning have control of your ***** or keep your pants on, if you're a man. I am speaking plainly as I think some people don't seem to understand how this works ;) What is sad is that so many people have become loose with their lifestyles and have forgotten that you MUST protect yourself.. which means that you are also protecting them.

I speak from experience. I was with someone that still sleeps around with women without a condom. He comes back with infections, diseases... I had to take very heavy medication to cleanse myself from what he brought me. He obviously only loves himself..... I am now single and very happy and CLEAN :)

This is quite the subject that can be open to so many opinions, debates, I invite yours :) and thank you for commenting.


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4 Responses Jan 7, 2012

I completely agree.<br />
<br />
I was with someone myself who slept around with other girls and of course being young and naive myself he never used a condom with any of us. (But I use protection in my current relationship so everything's good!)

Also, being in a position where you can do without condoms means trust and love.

I know it wasn't mean to be funny Nudydude but coming from you it made me smile.

Well said.