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So I had a former friend sometime ago when I met him he was 22 I believe obsessed with girls and **** that's fine neither are my cup of tea lol...but he was always having sex with random girls he would meet on the chat line in our town I remember telling do what ever you choose you are grown but at least use protection to make a long story short I saw him at the mall 3 years later he is now 25 about to be 26 had 2 daughters 3 months apart by 2 different girls and has had a least 5 stds since then I told him you are going to get something that you can't get rid of if u don't already have it I couldn't do anything but shake my head 1 std I can even see 2 if you are hard headed omg seriously what the hell are you doing then he has the never to act like he has standards for the women yall like he picky well she said she doesn't give head so I ain't talking to her I was thinking good for her cause ain't no telling where your penis been so damn sad oh the icing on the cake was that he is now a medical assistant the irony and can't figure out why he can't find a good woman smh
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Oh boy, I had a female friend that this really brought to mind. She was 23, a wheelchair user with Spina Bifida. She was so extraordinarily concerned about whether or not she was ever going to have sex. <br />
I had never known any female (perhaps I lived a sheltered life) that was as obsessed with men and sex as this young woman. She patronized bars weekly, she 'came on to' and/or flirted with every young man who spoke to her. Everything she said was overtly sexual. <br />
Myself and another friend tried to explain to her that there were other things in her life that needed to be priorities, such as living independently rather than living at her parents' house, holding down a job, etc. <br />
She was spending all her money on sexy clothes and lingerie, manuals, toys and 'visual aides'. <br />
At one time she called me excitedly telling me she'd had sex in the back of her accessible van with a co-worker at the grocery store where she worked. She told me she was performing oral sex on men in the back of her van. <br />
Everyone was so concerned for her, but she was oblivious to the possible dangers of her behavior. She wasn't using protection and didn't seem to even consider that she could contract something that might compromise her health. <br />
There was no talking to her. She still doesn't have a steady relationship, still lives at home and is still frequenting bars looking for men and it's been 6 years since I last spoke to her.

Wow sounds like a female version of my former friend I eventually let him go when he said out of the blue one day you know we should be together if the next girl im with doesn't an out SERIOUSLY girl I was so done lol he called me wanting to talk about 7 months after that wanting to take me up on his offer I was in a relationship and gladly told him so I also said O I guess you just need someone to talk with about your girl problems his response was O it wouldn't hurt smh didn't hear from him after that!!! Thanks Goodness to much drama

I had to let this friend go as well. The only thing she would talk about was sex, there was no other topic that she would entertain and called at all times of the day and night to brag about what she was doing. I finally had to tell her the truth, that I was not interested in hearing any of it, that I thought she was going to regret her behavior and I felt confident saying she was never going to find a quality relationship as long as she was giving sex away, no decent man was going to want a woman that had done what she was doing. Needless to say, she doesn't talk to me anymore.