Cannot Understand Why

I was just bumming through EP and saw an experience about having an abortion. Suddenly I really wasn't having fun and I clicked on a story, then another, then another. I began to cry from the first story.

I absolutely CANNOT understand why people are so careless about birth control. It's easy, it's usually reliable (I am aware of the few that make it past the odds), it's for your own good.

Sex's purpose is for procreation, you should never start having sex unless you are prepared for the inevitable. Only recently in the past oh 150 years have people begun to be aware and be facinated by the idea that sex is fun, but within limits.

Sex is something I am facinated about (I even belong to an EP group called that). It has to many emotional ties to mess with, to many physical problems that can result of it, and of course children are made by it.

Its an amazing experience with *******, bodily fluids, raw passion, feeling free. It produces miracles of feeling good and life.

But, despite all the good things, people still need to practice responsiblity. God it makes me sick to think about people being free with their bodies and then having enormous regrets later in life, having to make huge sacrafices, losing friends and family becasue of it.

I'm not trying to say that condoms and pills will keep everything with sex at bay, but it will stop a medical procedure from taking place to handle the "unwanted" something I feel should never happen but won't force my opinions on others.

Even if you think the odds of sex are slim to none, if your "active" keep a condom in the pocket, wallet or purse. Women should be on the pill if anything to protect their own bodies from experiencing something they didnt sign up for.

Wrap it up people, get responsible about your futures and your bodies!

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3 Responses Jun 18, 2008

What do you think the oldest profession for women has tradtionally been? Sad but true, it what not 150 years ago that prostitution was invented. While young people should wait until they can make responbile decisions and use protection, sometimes it is not used correctly or it fails. Outlawing abortion will overwhelm social services, force people into poverty, and allow unfit people to adopt because they are rich because and look good on paper.

like the very dead ODB said lyrically "oh baby I like it raw". as long as you are honest upfront about what you want from your partner and are diligent and exclusive in who you play with hatlessly (sans hat?), its not that big of a deal. and the other human is right pls see historical japanese, greek, roman, and indian art.

instant gratification are what a lot are looking for--they don't think about consequences...or if they do, they just figure they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.