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I hate comdoms, but I know how effective they are. For a long time, I had a girlfriend that was on the pill and we ****** all the time without putting one on. We never had a pregnancy scare (none I knew of anyway) and we didn't have to stop to wrap my **** in a piece of nearly indestructable, constricting laytex. We've broken up and it took me awhile to train myself to reach my peak with a rubber. Enter: someone else I know named Jim. He is bisexual as well and used protection for some time. Then, like me, had a girlfriend that was on the pill. He couldn't get enough of it. They'd only dated for a couple months and he was hooked on the feeling of bareback. Afterwards, he had a couple rebounds in the same week. He got herpies and HIV. After that, he just stoped caring. He's contracted just about everything now and I don't know how many girls he's gotten pregnant. The point of the story is condoms are uncomfortable and not many people like them. The same could be said about bullet-proof vests.

Don't take chances unless you're comfortable with the possible outcome.

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1 Response Aug 20, 2008

amen to that. u just can't afford to take chances, sex isn't that great not to use protection, at least that's my opinion. i've known a few women who say that they don't like the way a condom feels but i never could tell the difference myself. matter of fact, they made my sexual experiences that much smoother.