Have You Seen All The Weird Ways?

If you look through all of my experience groups, you will see the many ways that people try to spell "**********." Some spellings are so creative, it's downright hilarious! For an activity that is as popular as it is, I don't know why people can't spell it. It's like misspelling your wife's name, or NASCAR, or pizza, or blow job.
Dekay11 Dekay11
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

I agree too. When I read some of the stories, I am appalled at the misspellings every few words. And English is not my mother tongue, not even the second, but the third.

Apparently, a lot of people believe that "to **********" has something to do with a master who bates. Wrong. For those who don't know yet: it's Latin "manus + stuprare" to pollute with the hand.

What bothers me utterly is when they write "your" instead of "you're", "there" instead of "their", "naval" instead of "navel", "effect" instead of "affect", "except" instead of "accept" (how can they ?) and so on. It renders some sentences unintelligible, at least when reading them the first time. At the 2nd or 3rd trial, you might guess what they mean, but it is still annoying.

There is a group I would like to join, but as long as the title of the group is misspelled, (your instead of you're) I won't join it.

The most often misspelled word on the internet seems to be "definitely". I have seen it written in at least 9 wrong ways. The most common being with "na" instead of "ni" (up to 25%). I could go on and on...