Leave Me Alone!

What I really really hate is when a guy makes a noise at me, like a cough, for no reason. It has happened several times and the last time was yesterday. Me and my mother were going to get lunch and had to walk past a young couple coming in the other direction and just as we past them the guy did this fake cough and a fake clear of the throat. I know it was directed at me because of the times it's happened before. It pi$$ed me right off and made it even worse by the fact I was too shy to tell him to shut up. I would of if I could of. People are so damn rude! >:(
Foxie913 Foxie913
41-45, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

It happened a day ago and it's on my mind so that means it bothered me alot and still does. It like the time my mother and I were walking to the cinema to see a movie and walked past these two boys and I was closest to them and as we past them one of the made an annoying noise at me and it bothered me so much it ruined the rest of my day. Why the hell do they do those things to me?<br />
I just minding my own business and they see me as a target for negative treatment. I just want to be left ALONE!