Pointless ...

I'd like to think there was more of a connection that just curiosity about profile pictures or cyber sex.  I like to clean up my circle now and again and those who don't communicate will be the first to be cleared.  My circle is cluttered with people who never bother to make contact ... what's the point?

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I dont have that many to weed out

Just last week I thinned out my circle. The ones I deleted were those that I had no communication with or had been off EP for months. I'll still add new people but I will continue to weed it out on occasion. I don't want to add people just for the sake of having a large number of "friends".

I guess we all have different ideas about how the site works and what the friends circle means.

Me too .. I guess I wrote something they like but I'd never know since they don't tell me. I used to respond to say thank you, etc. but that didn't go anywhere. There are some who write to say why they added me but they're few and far between.

Thing is jes, the list just gets cluttered and it's hard to keep track of friends that do communicate ... there isn't anything wrong with it as such, I agree.

You know something? I'll add someone to my circle and they never respond. No yes. No no. No nothing. What's up with that?<br />
<br />
I try to respond to every friend add with an pm.

Exactly Steve ... you know you're one of the top few on my list dear!! hugs.

It's interesting that all the least likely candidates are the ones who are commenting on the story ... that's my point ... the ones who never communicate are the ones who'll be for the chop!!! Kisses to you Den and Gazza, neither of you are going anywhere!

Looks like I'm going then, I've never been that good at communicating.

Don't be silly hammerhead ... you were one of my first friends on here ... and you know very well we do "speak" from time to time!!! Hugs hon.

I know we don't speak often Max, but you're not an example of the type pointless circle friend I was meaning. There are those who never write stories, who don't share anything about themselves and about whom I am none the wiser after "knowing" them for six months!! Glad to have you as a friend Max.