Do Not Fan Me For No Reason

I get "fanned" all the time. Sometimes I say hello - in an attempt to make some kind of communication between this strange person but often it goes unanswered or given a weak answer. Well then WHAT'S THE POINT IN FANNING ME?

I had had enough after the last person fanned me. I came right out and said to them "Did you just add me to increase your friends list?"

And they said "yes" (!!! haha), and because they were trying to plug some program. I immediately blocked this person.

Do not add me to increase your numbers, it's impossible to have 500 'friends'. I am keeping my friend list short and intimate. With people I know are not deserapte losers. So unless we talk, I won't be adding you back. And stop fanning be for no obvious reason! 

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7 Responses Feb 7, 2010

lol, oh for sure

I think they got EP confused with Facebook.

hehe, yeah with with 400 'friends' are just trying too hard to look cool.

Yeah, I usually check their profile out and see if we MIGHT have anything in common. Many times, if I see that they already have like 400 friends, then I figure "what's the point"; they're probably not going to interact with me much anyway. Maybe I've been too picky, but I too like to keep my friends list small and intimate, and even then I realize there are those on my list that I haven't talked to as much as I should have/wanted to.

i understand. the only reason i do this is to write and meet new people, but when i add fans noooo... but oh well i guess

Urgh people do that to me all the time!! I hate it. Like I don't even know you. So you liked my stories well comment on them!

will u be my friend ..! im alone too.. n u knw wat nobody even fans me !!