World Troubles

God didn't do anything but being loving.  It isn't his fault and he's not to blame for anything.  In other words, it is the people who are messed up and causes the world's troubles.

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People often need someone, anyone, to blame when things go all wrong. Sometimes, it's because they aren't ready to face their own imperfection and see that they brought sadness and sorrow upon themselves. Sometimes, it is that the pain was brought on by completely random forces. But whatever the reason, people all too often feel the need to cast the blame somewhere, and when there is no one person or group of people to blame, God often gets to be the bad guy. <br />
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From my experience though, it is in the pain that I go running back to the arms of God, no matter how far I've strayed. In times of trouble, I turn -to- Him; not away.. and I have always (and I do mean always) found healing there.

Being a non-religious person, I've always been sitting at the sideline, watching this "yes/no" game with amazement and sometimes even amusement.<br />
What bothers me though, is that in a lot of conflicts these days, both sides shout they've got God on their side... which to me seems a tad strange and should be more of an incentive to stop the madness and fall into each other's arms instead of mindlessly killing one another... : (

Oh the blame game. Damn. God is the creator and he created us. I think sometimes we are to blame for the mess we made of the world. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm make a point here.

you're definitely right!