Blaming God!

I blame A Philosophy Class! For a lot of this confusion! No wonder God has to take so much blame!
God created humans.      
God created the opportunity for humans to create themselves! God never created humans
He gave them free will.
He gave us everything, freewill is one of our choices!    
With that free will came a choice, to do good or to do bad.
          God created noting bad. Good and bad is a human precept!
Without that choice we would never be able to learn from our mistakes, or move on.  
This choice allows us to grow spiritually to become more like God
          You are created in the image and likeness of God.   You don’t become more like god!
So that when we die, we can grow.
          You don’t grow when you are dead! You grow when you are alive!
If God was A benevolent God (which I believe God is)
God is (not was) everything that exists; benevolent is a human quality.  Religions have falsely degraded god to have our Qualities!                               
Then God would love us enough to not take away all evil and suffering,
            God does not love; God is Love!
if God did then we would be blissful robots with no purpose except for simply being.
That way we would not be able to grow and advance or die,
when you die you are dead! 
and so there would be no afterlife,
            there is no afterlife (as in this understanding) explanation coming
meaning there would be no point in a Heaven..
            Heaven you experience while you alive.
And no point in a God.
            God is all things! There is never a point to God.  Both heaven and hell are things we experience while alive!
When you die, your body goes back to earth, and your spirit.    Goes back to source(God) and the experience will be exactly as it was before you were born!
We should not blame God for the worlds troubles as we have brought all Moral evils upon ourselves.
            Moral evils are something we create, thanks to religions!
Whenever a person holds a blade in their hand or a rock in their fist, they have a choice to use it for Good. Or for bad.
            Remember god did not make anything good or bad ,we do!
That knife could cut someone free, the rock could build a home.
            Is this good?  Noit’sneutral!
God simply allows us to choose
            God does not allow!  That’s for humans, not for God. You can alow yourself to choose, don’t blame god!
Being all Powerful,
            Yes! God is all power that exists.
 would we really want him to intervene with every evil that happens !?
            Yes we want from God, and we sometimes ask for what will never ever happen. For god evil does not exist!
How would we learn what’s right or wrong!?!
            There is nothing wrong or right except that you believe it so!
As for Natural evils such as tsunamis or volcanoes that’s simply an error in Gods design for our planet
            Oh!  God cannot err, he made no evls,
Or is it?
            No God’s law is the law of nature, and we are all subject to it!   Ten Commandments is not gods law!

Perhaps he created these natural evils for us to learn how to pull together in times of need and for us to help others?!
            God never created these evils!  He created nature! And in any given situation nature will act accordingly!
Stop blaming and start accepting.
As soon as religion stops trying to teach archaic ridiculous teachings we will all be able to understand God in  all magnificence!  I blame religions for all the chaos!  Especially that people will never be able to understand that you only get one chance to find heaven and it is while you are alive on earth!
It’s the only way forward.
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Me too

I just blame people and their idiocy<br />
<br />
Period.<br />
<br />
And I've seen it happen in the best of institutions where there was white collar and blue collar bigiotry and calling an interracial couple "people with an identity problem" and it got even worse and more bizzare that that. Yes there are idiots that misinterperate things everywhere, but you know what?<br />
<br />
It's not my business anymore.<br />
<br />

we were put here on this earth to enjoy he made us to enjoy the world<br />
<br />
i am very sure if he wanted to he could wipe us allout in the bl<x>ink of an eye<br />
<br />
i am sure he has more patients trhen i do with this world and what we have done to it<br />
<br />
he put us here to share with each other not to just kill each other off or to block us if theyask a question but they do not want to hear what we have to say<br />
<br />
what god did yes was about judgement we are not to judge unless free from sin and we are all born into this world of sin<br />
so we have no right to judge others or put them down or even block them over gods words

my friend! thank you for your comment! My point is that God is God, not human so he never ever wants anything. God never put us here, he gives us the opportunity of being here! Kind Regards!

i do not blame god i blame people thathave become so goddlyin mind there are of not earthly good anmy more <br />
<br />
they preach to others but yet there ears are def

oh! the pharisees! Holier than thou!

the dark Sentences are from the original story! under each sentence , my comment in italics!