I Wish People Would Not Blame God For The Worlds Troubles Because....

3 and a half months I looked for a job. I was going places, mining the et for job boards, recruiters, I even signed up w a minority job recruitment site.
3 and a 1/2 fricking months
I'm broke, rite. I asked last week if they needed things cuz I was going to get evicted since I'm without funds. I got a gas card, directions to the food box centers nearby. We prayed.
In less than a day I got a job. Church may even help me a bit more.
That's prayer.
And I think the onlyest reason job wasn't immediately offered Wednesday was because that was my day to visit w boys. First time (this round)unsupervised!!!! God knows how I feel about those breathing grenades that are my tots so.
Oh! Yes. I have had worldly troubles btw. Read some of it I wrote then come back and reread this. As one on the inside of a divine gift, I can tell you tho I suffered, the world suffered, we caused suffering and death. it's like...
It's like I heard him, telling me that this world may have troubles but my gift is proof He's watching, waiting until we seek him with our whole being.
Between those moments, there is a cup filling up w wrath direct from the veins of God Himself. Not all the prisons, in all the world, in history and future, not even combining the worst convicts ever and their duplicates, none could be so punishing vengeful as what's in that cup.
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Jun 17, 2012