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That people blame God to avoid taking responsibility for their role in "the way the world is". It's an excuse. God didn't elect leaders that became evil dictators, God did not opress the poor, or muder children. We did. And as long as we as the human race continue to fail to correct the problems that we alone have caused... It will spiral further and further towards the ultimate destruction of all that is good. Each person can make a difference! I want to leave this world a better place than when I got to it. And I pray that God gives me the courage and strength to do so.

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The devil tempts us. We act or not upon that temptation.

I blame people- cause they are easier to get even with... God is just a spectator watching from his quarter-back arm chair to see how long it takes for us to destroy each other.

Very well said, my friend. People even blame God for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like, but God did not create these destructive forces. They were brought here by lucifer (halel). He is the angel who fell.

we are here to experience the opposite in all things, so the Gospel tells us. to do this we must experience adversity.<br />
<br />
how can we know happiness if we don't know sadness or pain. we can only experience that here on earth.<br />
<br />
God steps aside so that we can experience these things for our growth.<br />
<br />
don't think it is easy on him, no, like a parent it *kills* him to see us suffer, the way it does us to see our kids make mistakes.<br />
<br />
but he loves us enough to allow it for only as long as it takes for us to "get it"<br />
<br />
that's why some people go *home* early and the rest of us have to stick around longer until we "get it".

Did you read my two stories above you? If no, read them.

LOL, sad but true!! ah, bureaucracy....

Yeah, but every time you try to get that through their thick skulls, you're going up against congress!