Small Things

I tend to believe that we live in a society in which we don't pay enough attention to others. Like we walk past people who are sad and we are so selfish we don't even notice them. Somtimes they would even try to give hints to us or ask for help indirectly and we just see what we are worried about without paying any attention to them. it's no wonder that so many times we hurt people without even realising it. 
I wish people would relaise that for someone with low self confidence a small comment about their behaviour, bullying can cause a lot more damage then huge fights would. I wish people would realise that when you feel down you would like a listening ear instead of being turned down. I wish they could see that by even small actions they hurt others. That they should pay a little more attention to those around because they can never know when someone's life depends on them.
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well i do think there are people who still care for real..though i think they are not to be found on every corner <br />
you need to look carefully to find them<br />
take care and good luck

This may as well be a quote from me. I am breaking off my engagement for this very reason...pure and simple neglect. This society is breeding insensitivity and it is making the chances of having a successful relationship, of any kind, an unrealistic fantasy.