I Need Some Advice Please.....

ok i have a question because i am freakin out. and its kinda long....but if anyone has input i would appreciate it. kinda csi/law and order type stuff.
i have a trial to attend next week. my sister pressed charges on my husband. she says that during the set up for my mother's 50th birthday, they were getting tables out of the shed....and my husband felt her up. and she said she pushed him away with a nervous smile, and he said "you tell me when to stop" and tried to kiss her, and she pushed him away and that was that....
that was the story she emailed to me, and the entire family.
the POLICE report (which she didnt file until 2 weeks afte the party, after she and i got into an argument over facebok about this, because i didnt believe her, since i was sitting 20 feet away on the porch- i was pregnant)....was completely different. according to the police report, he PUSHED her into the shed, locked the door, lunged at her and grabbed her breasts hard, and she pushed him away saying stop, and then he lunged again, and she ran out of the shed.....
i was the only one there, although her report of it says i was inside (i was not, but like the DA is gonna believe his WIFE?) ....the only witnesses listed on the police report is my mother, who she supposedly called. who wasnt there, but got there 5 HOURS after she said this incident happened. she never told me, and had plenty of opportunity. she was acting all happy and giggly thru the whole event. a WEEK later, she tells me, said she felt guilty and had to tell me. of course i didnt believe her:
7 yrs ago, she called my mother and I from Seattle (we lived in new england). said she was in a hospital, dying. that she was in the ICU and needed a liver or lung transplant. my mother paid 800 dollars for 2 plane tickets, we were gonna leave the next morning. a few hours before we were gonna leave, we realized we never got the name of the hospital. couldnt get a hold of my sister, panicked, and called every hospital within 30 miles of seattle. no one had ever heard of her. the whole thing was a lie. and then she got mad when i emailed her calling her out and basically threatened her for putting our mother through that.
So right there....lies for attention! and it wasnt the first time, but this is getting long.
my husband has a past that is 25 yrs old. he went to a college party 26 yrs ago, when he was working on his bachelors. fooled around (didnt have sex, but fooled around) with a girl at the party, said she was a freshman. when he didnt call her back a few days later, she told her parents. she was 16. so her parents press charges, my (now husband) ran to CA to his dad's....realized after a while he did the wrong thing by running. turned himself in. he got 10 yrs for 2 counts of bail bond violation and has to register as a sex offender for life.
so my sister presses charges, my husband was arrested in MA (based on her story with no evidence, proof or witnesses, JUST based on his record from 25 yrs ago...by the way he hasnt gotten as much of a parking ticket since he got released)....the judge held him on 10K bail, which i was able to come up with 3 weeks later, so he had to sit in jail almost a month....and pay 15 grand for an atty!
now the trial is monday. we have a person from the party that is willing to testify that tracy couldnt have gone thru that because she was all happy and giggly thru the whole day,never showing stress....and she has my mother to say she got a phone call from her. there is no proof, no marks, photos, witnesses (except me, but the DA plans to cross examine me)....nothing. just he said she said. the DA will try to bring up the sex offender status....and that scares me. because even with no proof, that statement alone could make the jurors think he is automatically guilty.
would you convict him? am i just freaking out? we have 3 kids and a home in the country. i have lost my entire family except my mom, because they took my sisters side (nice huh)...I am a full time college student and he works, brings in all the money...pays all the bills. and if they say GUILTY, then i am screwed. i will lose our home, my kids and i will be homeless, i will lose the opportunity to finish college.....i am freaking out.
based on the he said she said mentality, and no proof, witnesses, photos, anything, should i be afraid? i really, really dislike the state of massachusetts right now. we moved 600 miles away just to get away from the family. we had the opportunity to move, my husband left it up to me to decide. so i chose where we are now, FAR away!
thanks for taking the time to read this, i am just freaking out and really need some reassurance that I wont lose my husband monday.....its to the point where i cant sleep, cant concentrate on school and have a very short fuse, and i am generally very nice and even tempered!
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Apr 2, 2012