Nail This Into Your Skull!!

I have no luck what so ever with love, but this experience isnt about me for once. I have a friend, who is devoted to 1 girl. Now, me and him share a mutual friend, who is a nice guy. . . except for 1 flaw. He has 1 proper girlfriend, and multiple online ones. The real one spoke to me a few days ago and explained how it hurts that he has so many onlines. Its either her or them. A player gets so many and I cant even get someone to like me? Twisted but I get it. I wont become 1 though. "Nothings worth the price you pay if you change who you are." : Burn Halo - Anejo. It makes sense to me. But back to my point. Ive told him, and he says "ya, i know" but the evidence is there, he doesnt listen. What do I do?
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1 Response May 16, 2012

there isn't really anything you can do if he wont listen to you. if he isn't willing to change, then no one will force him. His relationship with his girlfriend will unfortunately end. all you can hope for is that he learns from it and makes a decision to change. and how do you know someone doesn't like you? people don't express every emotion they feel.

As far as I know, every girl I asked out said they don't feel the same. Otherwise, I son't know anything else