Dream World (third Post)

blah blah blah... that is all that i am hearing these days

MY life sucks.... I just wrote a lot of stuff and hit the wrong button and I lost it all. damn it take me along time to be able to get things out of my messed up head and this always happens.
Lets see if I can do it again....

I wish I lived in a dream world, where dreams are of happy places and things are the way that you want them to be.
in a world where live is the way you see it in the movies and hear in the songs. Where you hear people loving with all that they are not with all that they want. love so deep that you feel it deep in your soul and you cant get enough it. in a world where people did what they said and meant what they said... a world where truth came naturally and lies were not possible. where honestly was the best policy. where things were in the open and nothing was hidden. so that trust and doubt wouldnt be an issue no more. A world where there is one man and one woman and friends will always come after not before.

I know this isnt all that I had wrote before but it is part of it. well i am off to my dream world. where I have figured that is the only place where happiness can truly be expereniced. until reality tries to step in and mess with the make believe.

This is just a beginning of me being able to get what is in my head out..... Dream world here I come...
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