Damn Kids

  I think ..well i KNOW children can be so cruel. And I think deep deep down they know it-so that's why children say what they feel, because they're children and know much can't be done w'out a teacher/law being called.

  Something people say you'll never forget..and they don't even remember even saying them.

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i think kids know what they're doing-they don't care. if you're fat, skinny, eyes big, too small etc..they're going to say it..if you're not the one to stick up for yourself; then it'll turn into bullying. <br />
and yeah; kids do need A LOOOOOT of discipline. <br />
and being in touch isn't enough-you need to inforce rules..put your foot down from the start; and they'll get it.

I totally agree that children can be cruel. They can say mean things to other people. The best thing is that they should be constantly trained to be polite. Otherwise once a child is spoiled there is little that could be done about him or her. Children can be unaware of the effect of their bad language on others. That's where the elders should step in. They should correct them whenever they speak bad words. Children should be disciplined before they become impossible to handle. The best approach is to be in touch with your children and provide them care and attention. Then they will start behaving themselves like good kids.

some don't some do! but they do what they wanna do anyways! <br />
<br />
everything i said as a child, i fully knew what i meant and what i was doing..but it wasn't that ""cruel". <br />
<br />
i mean it dependz on the age. now up until the age of 7 or 8..you know what you're doing! but younger children usually don'tknow...

Has it ever crossed your mind how inexperienced children are with other people's emotions? They dont fully understand the effect. <br />
As a little girl, I know that I said some cruel things that I didnt even realize until now, and how they affected that person. I wish I could apologize if ever I were to see them again, because now I know. <br />
I blame the adults and adult-like figures if anyone, not the children... and I dont think they (kids) should ever be damned.

Innocent and sweet-puh-leeze. Yeah, as newborns,MAYBE. Lol. <br />
No, i've never read the book. But yep, a person can scar you to the bone, and they'd never even know or cared that they said/did it.

You're right, children can be seriously cruel, and yet we have a general picture of them as all being innocent and sweet. Have you ever read "I'm the King of the Castle" by Susan Hill? It demonstrates this perfectly. It's those little things that can leave a lasting impression on someone - but they're not all bad; some can be good, such as recognition from a parent or encouragement. In both cases, they are rarely remembered by the person who actually did them.