Think About It

I wish people would realize that their actions hurt me. In my opinion it isn't hard to just stop and think about what your about to say or what you've already said. If you truly cared at all you'd stop and think, "Hey maybe that could hurt her feelings?" If you were smart you'd think in advance on what could be considered rude. I always come across people who know what they're saying is hurtful. Why would you say something when you know that person isn't going to want to hear it? For example: "You look depressed." First of all, it's rude to assume so. Secondly, you don't know if that person is depressed or in a bad mood. Third, you obviously didn't think about how that person wouldn't want to be told they look depressed. Lastly, you could've ruined their day with your careless comment. I know we go around telling each other no to care what others think. In all actual reality, we all care. If you say something rude, chances are they're going to be pissed off. And you all know you wouldn't want someone to hurt your feelings so why do it to them? If you say something nice, than they're going to probably be happier. What we say affects each other in so many ways. Mentally, out emotions control our lives for the most part. Why would anyone waste time in their day to make time to be rude to someone? I clearly see no valid point other than just because you felt like it. That's a sad excuse on your behalf. It's pathetic how we treat each other. If I can keep stuff to myself by being polite, than so can you. The problem is rarely anyone wants to. Or you have those who are under the influence. Disapprove.

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3 Responses Oct 12, 2009

It's true they spoil your day, we are not all thick-skinned, forget them it's hard... but like a bad dream they fade....

Making people unhappy or angry is cheap entertainment for some. In mmorpgs they're referred to as griefers. Many are adolescent males, but I've seen some middle-aged men behave just as badly.<br />
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I do my best to think before saying anything. I don't say much, but when I do I always try to think of how it might be received.

I wish people would realize how ineffective what they say is.<br />
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As for being rude, I welcome it. It's like holding a sign up that says "I'm messed up." Just avoid them and travel on.