Mountain Out of a Molehill

The other night my husband and I were having drinks with another married couple. We were having a great time! My girl friend went inside to use the bathroom and my husband went to use the master bath. I stayed outside with my friend's husband. So then my friend's hubby went inside too. I heard a door slam and then my hubby, and the other couple all come out looking angry and on my hubby and my gf's face, guilt. My hubby tells me to go back in the house for a second. But I knew something was wrong. OK, so I go in and wait a few minutes. I couldn't take anymore so I go back outside and my husband is trying to talk to my gf's husband. From what I understand my husband was very drunk and he thought it would be funny to nibble on my gf's neck. Her husband walked in on it and my gf was telling my husband to stop it and go back outside. Well, my gf's husband got very hurt and angry. Understandably. I know my hubby didn't mean any harm. He would never try to hurt my gf. He was just stupid and drunk. Which is no excuse. The other two now avoid us like the plague. And I had nothing to do with it! I was outside waiting for them to come back. Anyway I feel like I'm running in circles.
caitilie caitilie
46-50, F
Jun 5, 2007