I just wish people would read what I write!  I don't think anyone does.  No one will read this, so I'm safe to say anything.  Booger!
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What you have to say is important. Thank you for sharing.

Still reading randomly and I'm liking your stuff...

i read it. I wish you would have said somehting other than booger lol

This one has been one of my more noticed stories of late. I like writing stories, so I should just do it and not care what happens after that. Thanks for commenting Chiq!

My stories usually get a lot of hits, but few comments or ratings, I think people are primarily reading because they are nosey and are looking for dirt. It's a shame.

Alanswife, here's something sexy: Cuddlebuns!

wow ok i c y ppl dnt read ur stories i think u actually need an instresting idea or experience to tell

Why do some people feel the need to dig out their boogers in public??? I mean, COME ON, there is no bubble around them to shield them from our eyes....and since they don't seem to care, I now point it out if they do it infront of me! Damn disgusting!!!!

Maybe if you put alittle sexy in youre story it would help. This is not working for me.


Okay, just read the you wish they'd be more mature story and left my comments there about that one...<br />
I'm off to read another... :)

LMAO! I will finally get to go to EP prison!

Tushie?! Ok I guess thats an improvement! :)

Thank you honeybit! That's a lot more than I expected. Cuz I wasn't expecting anything.

I sort of like that I'm read by only a few.. just those whose interest I piqued for whatever reason. But you just piqued mine for being brave enough to say out loud what most of us also wish (at least sometimes anyway) I'l..l go read something now and get back to ya with my thoughts, okay?

LOL! Okay. Tushie!

I'm sure you can come up with something worse than Booger to say! :)