In Supprt Of Bcboomer58's Comment On No Comments To His Blog:

I’m writing this in support of BCBoomer58 who, I think, raises a good point with regard to those who read people’s blogs but can’t take the time out to at least type those two simple words: “Thank You”. His story title of:

“Why Do People Read And Not Comment?”

I am *not* out to win friends by not saying what I feel on this issue; needless so say, this is how I *do* feel in regard to BCBoomer58 ‘s own comment as written on his own thread

[My Response to Bcboomer58' ]

I could give you a few reasons as to why people don’t comment on *anything* they might read; to be honest, it might not go down well for some, but I have a good idea why it happens ... here we go.

When I was Blogging (not here in EP) I had a friends list of over one hundred. I was a frequent Blogger, so I got through a good many Blogs! I would read other’s Blogs, but I would comment on those Blogs that I read; If only to thank them for the read. But mine? … It was hardly ever commented on at all. And then one day I decided to Blog on the issue of people not giving responses; not just to my Blog, to the many others they visited and didn’t respond to also. Suddenly I got responses from all over the place, most of them who had visited and *never* had commented, and they were very defensive of themselves.

The two *biggest* reasons for not responding were.

1) They had read my Blog, but because I had been precise in expressing myself they felt ‘inadequate’ and so decided not to comment at all. (whatever that might mean?)
2) Although they read my Blog, they didn’t have time to comment because they had so many other Blogs to look at; in the interest of ‘fairness’, they didn’t respond.

But, to be honest, the same people who didn’t respond on my Blog went to great lengths to respond to Blogs of those who were close to them in their circle; and so the pattern falls into place. I have seen the *same* thing happen here.

People create their own circle of friends and, mainly, will spend more time viewing and commenting on those Blogs. But then it becomes more complicated, because those who have lots of friends on their list ‘don’t have time’ to comment on all of them … and so they categories who they *prefer* to comment on and (in a sense) it sets up some sort of Loyalty Bond; “S/he comment on mine and so I will comment on his/hers.” Regardless of how many are on their friends list, there will be those they *will* make a concerted effort to visit *and*comment whilst with others they don’t think twice about *not* leaving a comment. And this is within their own friends list.
(I’ve seen a few here just like that; take a look around and see.)

It’s nothing new and it’s been going on for a long, long time and I guarantee that this is one of the main reasons why people have viewers who don’t make comments. I hope that you don’t see this as a cynical view or a cynical comment; I assure you, I have seen this happening over and over again. Circles within circles; that’s exactly what it is.

But nothing can really excuse those who come along to your Blog and read something and say they don’t have, at least, the courtesy to type two words: “Thank you”. If nothing else, it’s shows gratitude and for those who say they don’t have time? Well … I’ll leave you to ponder over that issue :-)

BCBoomer58 : I totally understand your feelings; even though I don't even have a Blog.


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Well. You clearly show that you aren’t too interested in anything; fair enough I say and also “Each to their own.” This is, of course, favourable to you and not me.


It is unclear in what you don’t say of others in your one word when put up against what you did say of yourself.

(enought said.)


Thank you for your comment whatsitdoing

I’m actually sorry in agreeing with you because it shouldn’t be like this!

Yes, there are totally stupid posts, blogs and experiences that are obviously that; I am assuming here that we *ALL* know that it goes without saying that there is no point in commenting on them.

Circles within circles and groups within groups; many would protest this isn’t the case and many would remain silent in their disagreement, but it doesn’t change what really does happen. All throughout the many Social Networking sites this is happening and people leave faster than they enroll because they are disheartened … Fact.

There are good, and fascinating Blogs to be read. But even these are falling short of comments encouraging them to continue with the inspiring things they bring here into EP. I could go further and say that for some it’s like casting pearls before swine (I can already hear the OUCH! resounding after that comment!)


Thank you for your response tasmin

I really don’t understand a comment which says it’s difficult to say something and then something is said (?)

Why can’t we get that word “Obligation” out of the equation? The word “Obligation” is only put into the equation by those who might view BCBoomer58’s Blog (or anyone else’s) as being that we are under obligation. Who said that? I would *never* respond under obligation. But it isn’t about ‘obligation at all. It’s about showing what we feel in what we read on the Blogs we read

The difference between typing the words “Thank You” or “I cannot relate” is nothing. It simply means that you give your opinion; what’s wrong with that and why do people find this so difficult? I honestly don't see the big deal in encouraging someone if they wrote something that hits a note with *any* of us by showing appreciation. If we can't show the smallest amount of appreciation, there is little chance of us showing constructive criticism.


Hi scoobs and thank you for your response.

If a person has nothing to say, then what they read meant nothing to them. I think that’s a fair enough comment; isn’t it? In which case, why not write what you feel? “No Comment” would say *exactly* how you felt on reading a Blog topic. So; why not? That’s the whole issue here; people don’t give an honest response with what they think (good or bad) and so they pass.

Saying what you are thinking isn’t a bad thing; Blogging topics cover a great number of interests; Stories, Poetry, Family Interests and so on. There is a LOT of Blogs that fall short of ‘Support’ and a great many people use their Blogs as a place to express themselves artistically and it is these people who *should* be encouraged and supported in what they do when we read them … shouldn’t they?

Yes, there are those who comment more to people they may be ‘more connected to’ within their circle; but that never includes *all* of them … hence the inner-circle and the friends list that, in effect, is just a show of number. I don’t tend to comment more on anyone over anyone else; perhaps I have a sense of misguided loyalty? But hey … there is a time when no comments means something to you personally; you are out to entertain and, maybe, others don’t see your entertainment and you feel a bit deflated; see … it does affect you in some way.

There are *tons* of blogs being used to write stories which *still* don’t get commented on


I have just read your blog and comment and find it hard to know what to say

If there was some kind of obligation to say something then I would be too anxious to read anything

I often dont know what to say after reading a story but usually mark it up

With a blog if I cant think of anything positive to say then I often say nothing

Thank you doesnt seem appropriate in some cases

No comment. J/k. Sometimes I just have nothing to say. Sometimes I do but feel like this is a support site so I probably shouldn't say what I am thinking. I do think we tend to comment more to people we may be more 'loyal' to. But we are more loyal to them perhaps because they have become our friends here and we like them and feel we have commonalities and empathize with them. Personally, I don't feel an obligation to comment and I'm perfectly fine with folks reading and not commenting on anything I write. I guess the feeling is I am writing for myself and not feedback from anyone. The only time it kind of doesn't work that way is if I write something I think is humorous and no one says anything. I feel kind of like a comedian in an empty room then. And that's another thing here that a story is more likely to be commented on than a blog just because a story will be seen more often. Ok, sorry for the long comment. Thanks ~Scoobs~