We Write For a Reason

I have been writing and blogging for a while now. I have 7 web pages where I write  Adult stories ( both autobiographical and fiction) as well as poetry. I write because I enjoy the release I get from exposing my thoghts honestly and completely raw.So I write for me, but once the story or poem has been written, in a sense it belongs to the reader. after all aren't they the ones who will feel whatever the intended emoyion is? As the I feel it helps me to grow as a writer to have that honest feedback in the form of comments ratings or critique. It only takes a minute and can change the course of someones artistic abillity.
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3 Responses Oct 31, 2006

hey Hon, I hear ya & agree wit what u said 100% & feel the same as well. I love this EP site & have to be thankful for finding it when I did. I was feeling how I was & was where I was in my life when I was & was up late & bored & couldnt sleep so I happened to stumble onto this site & was hooked! I was on for who knows how long reading & replying & commenting on stories & experiences shared & to be honest, I reserve my opinions to the validity of a bit of the stories/experiences but man do they get me going! the thing I hate tho & I believe most women here agree: there's too many horny pathetic desperate perverted men here & only wanna cyber, web cam or meet. those guys need to get a life. I'm sad to say I hid my membership/use of this site from everyone, even from my man, but a woman has to have her own secrets :) keep it up & I'd like to get to know u more of u wanna get to know a likeminded curious & honest young woman.

Of course, this site is mainly for yourself, so that you are able to tell things that you couldn't tell otherwise. But I do agree with you that it supports you if people react on it. Even of they don't agree with you

TY for the support and agreement!