Why Even Read?

If you're not even going to comment.

Do you just feed on other people's thoughts? Or do you just have nothing creative to say in response? Honestly you don't HAVE to be creative.

For christ sake you can even say "hey, thats too bad" or "hey, thats cool!" That dosen't require any thought now does it?
anteye anteye
41-45, M
7 Responses Nov 25, 2006

I almost always comment... but sometimes, even "that's too bad" or "hey, that's cool" is hard to say


Hey that's cool!

The reader maybe too shy or may think people will laugh at their comments. but hay thats cool. he he he...lol

I honestly have nothing to say in response a lot of the time. Or I bite my tongue, actually. On the rare occasions I let rip I get into trouble...............

Amen, brother!!