Yes, I Have Felt V...

Yes, i have felt very fortunate when anyone responds to what i write, even if they totally disagree with what i wrote. i respond as often as i can to the stories i read because i always love reading the comments people leave to me. i also love sending and receiving the virtual gifts. They are so simple to do and silly as they are they really make me feel GREAT!! It is wonderful when a complete stranger takes the time to write a comment or send a gift. I figure if i am taking the time to read a person's story, how long will it actually take me to leave a comment, even if all i say is THANK YOU. I think the comments and gifts are one very special part of this incredible website and i thank the people who put it together and somehow managed to offer it to all of us for free!!
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OMG I have become a *Comment Addict* can I go on a meth program for this? ;)

I agree with what J wrote and so decided not to leave a comment.....DOH!

i don't have a comment but i couldn't just read it and not write SOMETHING. <br />

Recieving comments on something you have written is a perk to a conversation. I am alittle different I don't expect someone to comment on every piece I write. Or on any piece for that matter. I think if a person writes "JUST" to get others to comment and rate it takes away from the whole conception of what an online community like this represents.<br />
<br />
When I write it'smore about what "I FEEL" rather than what others feel. I believe it's whats this community is all about. When you recieve a comment to a story you have written it usually has something todo with how a person relates to you and your story. So when a story isn't commented on or rated. Maybe the people who have read it just cannot relate to that paticular experience.<br />
<br />
I have seen "Comment Mongers" on other sites who felt they were always deserving of a comment on everything they ever written and when they didn't they complained it's a very thin line. Because when people see this they tend to just walk away and never come back.

No Problem ..... smeles ...... see, a comment, not a BIG one, lol, just some recogniyion!! Thanks for your comment!!

I agree. I am bad at responding usually because I don't know what to say in response to some stories. I also haven't been on the site much.<br />
Glad you commented.

I sent you a gift, just because, lol. I have spent quite a bit of points on gift, but I have so many, lol. I agree with what you said. It does not take that long to write a message and rating someone else's posts or stories give them to give a gift if they want to. I give you a five for you good point, lol.

I AGREE! And... you have a good day! ;P