The Audience Is Never Wrong

I would like to see more comments and ratings on my EP work because I'm curious to learn if others think it's as good as I think it is.  I work hard on these entries, I take them as seriously as I would take any writing assignment, and I am genuinely attempting to raise the quality level of EP. 
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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9 Responses Jul 8, 2007

I never get cards for my stories. I need to start reading more of yours ElLagarto so I can improve my quality. <br />
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Come to think of it, I don't get comments either. I need to start commenting more on others works. <br />
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Thanks for the insight.

:- )

What? But cards say it so much better! <br />
Your comment just got me thinking some very sweet thoughts but I'm afraid to comment.

Nyx: After well over a year and and a half, I am pretty comfortable navigating this virtual Bedlam.<br />
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Myo: Boy do I know what you mean!! For example I am shy about commenting on stories if my remarks are likely to cause me to be deluged by those obnoxious, dreadful, saccharine, dim-witted, maudlin, cloying, hideously art-directed EP Greeting Cards!

Please keep in mind some of us are afraid of commenting on certain stories. :p

Got it figured out yet, El?

It took me a while to get comfortible navigating the site. Take your time.

A writer without a reader is like a musician in a room full of deaf people. And if the readers don't express themselves, how can the writer know what works and what doesn't? It's a conundrum.

I agree with you. the view counter said 25 people have looked at your story and I am the first to comment. When I read a story that hits me somehow positively or negatively. I like to comment on its content.