Spitting In The Wind

Writing something on EP that never gets commented on seems like spitting in the wind.  Not that spitting doesn't feel good when something needs to get out there.  I love to get comments, even when they're a little bit crazy.  I don't need a pat on the head, just a little feedback would be nice from time to time. 

Sage360 Sage360
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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I hear you and really appreciate thoughtful comments. What I also enjoy a real story about something someone chooses share. Maybe I misconstrue the EP meaning of story. Perhaps that is a way I can be proactive and post what I consider being a story. Try Question and Answers.

Sage if you comment on other people story, I am sure they will do the same. I know I comment and have made lots of them. What bothers me is when my comments to ignored by the person who I am commenting on. So it goes both ways. So here is the deal, I read and comment on mine and I will do the same. Mind you mine are a bit on naughty side cause I think EP is mean to post our inner self without being reprimanded by society. Other social stuff I can talk to my neighbors and such.

I think it would just take too much time to comment on every single story I've read... I search for what 'clicks' with me and comment there, don't you?

It is better to be criticised than be ignored, although some people's criticism can be a bit biting, if it's just abuse. I feel as it spit in the wind too. .

I try to practice what I preach, but being new to ep I have been reluctant not knowing the pervading protocol, but having written some stories I can understand more fully the odd 'and now what' feeling from seeing that it has been read but that nobody has felt it worth commenting on, even being criticised is better than being ignored!

I hope we all comment on other folks' stories. I have learned not to suck up for comments cuz people hate that. I can certainly see their point!

Yeah I love me some feedback too sage360...have a great day...