It *would* Be Nice

I think people add me for a number of reasons. One person seems to add everyone on EP. I think he wants to have the most friends of anyone. I seem to attract young people, and I take that to mean they like what I write. Either that or they are bait trying to trap pederasts or something. Then there are the depressed and mentally ill people. I take that to mean we have some solidarity.

I don't really mind who adds me. I don't have to friend them. I feel no need or social pressure to do so. But I am curious as to why, and wish people would tell me. Not that I expect them to. But as others seem to do -- if you want me to befriend you, then I need to know something about you. I don't seriously research everyone who is a fan. Those who do interest me get a more serious vetting.
wundayatta wundayatta
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I am very selective with my friends, but I added you as soon as I found you :D however, if anyone who adds me has over 100 friends I really think twice before adding them too.