This Is Creeping Me Out A Little!

Im a newbe to EP' i only joined a couple of weeks ago if that? But there are some things that creep me out a little. I really like the random questions where you answer the craziest of stuff, and even ask a few wacky questions yourself. When i read some of the answers people have given me and we share some common ground, they add me and i have also done this now. But' im getting adds off some people i have never met, and when i look at there profile before i accept, im gladd i checked it first if you know what i mean! Wow i am so glad i have checked them! Ive seen some weird stuff lol ! I know its different strokes for different folks, but isnt it a bit odd to add a person if you have never had a reply, share common ground or been inspired by them :p
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3 Responses Aug 26, 2010

Well you got me... I wonder the same thing as you when I get added and this is not someone I'm previously acquainted with. Am also similarly guilty of adding people without telling them why I add them. Perhaps I will from here on.

Its probably your avatar. I've found when I put a female in my avatar, I seem to attract a lot of horny men. You know you'll look at their profile and most of their experiences and stories are about sex. <br />
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I have asked a few people, what was it that attracted you to me and they give some lame answer like I liked your experiences and you seem interesting. Heeeeeeello, that is much too vague for me. Those people never get added.

Why wonder, just ask then you'll know!