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sometimes I get friend requests from strange people who have nothing in common with me, plus if you have like 100 or 200 friends in your list I probably won't add you because I don't want to be a number in somebody's list and I don't want my list to grow either to show that I am mister "popular" I have a few friends and I am very happy with them it's all about the quality not quantity, all about honesty and true friendship.

and btw if you're some sick mofo who likes to share his wife or pee his pants you better not even look at my profile or even think about clicking that "add to circle" button.
Freude91 Freude91 22-25, M 14 Responses Aug 24, 2012

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You are totally correct and stand firm.


You have a good outlook and do not let the way others act change it. Become someone and be proud. I am here for you.

Well I added you because I can relate to many of your entries and you seem like a refreshing person with a good attitude :)

I remember an old guy friend of mine who wanted to date me told me he got excited when girls peed. Sooo that relationship never happened( I mean why would you tell me?!)

well I meant on here people add me without ever talking to me, just weird so is your guy friend XD

By the way the guy wasn't "old" I just meant he was a friend from long ago. No friend of mine anymore. Lol I'm sorry but it was hard to understand him after that.

yeah I got what you meant :) and yeah I can imagine XD

I liked the last paragraph.Made Me laugh.

i add u body because i love u :* hahahah, u r an awesome friend

We all get these types of request, I don't understand why the notice to be added as a friend is not enough notice. There is nothing lost if you don't fill fit to add them.

exactly, I wish somebody can tell this \"crotus\" guy ( the comment below ) that he is a big pu$$y -.-

I am saddened by your tough attitude because you are missing out on meeting some really interesting people, just because you prejudge them based on some arbitrary standards like how many friends they happen to have. That is not really any of your cotton pickin business, if you will pardon my language.

I don\'t care ?

That\'s exactly the problem. Good day to you

Bwuhahahahaha!! Mr sparkle pants!!! Lololol!!!

Haha... Nice!

Right there with you!

yeah you're right! i hate those kind of people too.

I am not always sure why I add people...I tend to like good writing,that gives insight into why folks are the way they are or believe what they do..I admire artists,and especially like humorous generous types.Definitely could do without angry,hateful people who come on to vent. One of my best friends on EP is my diametric opposite politically,but he is a seriously good person.Addimg is a crapshoot-you never really know,but there are at least twelve "friends who I have not had any interaction with for a looong time.On the other hand I had three peeps that left,vowing to return SOON..a year ago,and lo and behold one pm-ed me the other day saying they intend to come back.You just never know!

Agree! It's all about Honestly and Friendship! :)

I like that. It would be nice to know. But you could always ask them I suppose :)