Not Hot Under The Collar About It

I just want to know from people who take me on as fan just what it is that we have in common. I want to know what brought me to their attention. I want to know what I did or said that they liked. Sometimes what prompts it is I made a comment on their story. I've made hundreds of comments. I usually will remember the comment, but I'm likely to forget the username of the person whose story I was commenting on. Refresh my memory, please.


I don't add every fan. I like to vet people, skimming through their stories, recent activities, experiences, confessions, and blog postings. I don't add somebody who is looking for a donation, as much as I may wish them luck. Haven't added anybody whose experiences were almost entirely erotic. Disinclined to add people who are full of fury and rage. But I certainly don't have to see eye to eye on everything with someone to add him.

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You just seem like a genuine kind person of intelligence and someone who looks out for others, and truly cares. You are a giving person, giving knowledge to those who need it and a person of integrity who is very much admired. There should be more people in this world like you. This is why many people add you to their friend group. A person would have to be crazy not to have you in their circle of friends. You are trust worthy as well.

Hello, I normally would not have added a man to my circle. I'm on EP to find other like minded women to share experiences and offer support. Some men on EP are only here to find some type of sexual gratification, but you seem like a man of substance. The groups you belong to, as well as the stories you posted, are interesting. Looking forward to future posts.

Thank you so much for your very kind comment.<br />
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I do remember. I posted a comment on one of your stories in which I mentioned a certain Christian website for married women's love life. I won't specify it again here because they don't want traffic from the kind of horndogs who are all too numerous on EP, but I'm sure you remember which one I'm talking about. It was that which triggered you to add me. You were only the second person to add me, so that was very nice. Lambie, the first one, dropped out long ago.<br />
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When I get time I want to give you some more help on the babymaking project that came up earlier.

I can't believe I haven't commented on this before now. I don't remember what exactly it was made me add you. Did you add me first or the other way around? Anyway, I think it may be because our stance on feminism is quite similar. You obviously took time to think deeply about things before you formed your opinions. I respect that you are able to say what you think on difficult topics, regardless of the negative comments that you may receive in response. Generally, all your stories and comments are thoughtful and show intelligence. I believe you are a person who I can learn something from but you still know how to have some fun and don't always take everything really seriously. It's a good mix for a friend on EP. :o)

Thank you very much.. Actually all that I write on EP in the way of answers or comments is completely spontaneous, although I do go back and proofread it and sometime polish it up or think "Oops, I need to find a better way to say that." As my username suggests I place great value on clear, appropriate thinking. When you don't have that it messes up everything, including your relationship with God, which gets clogged up by "evil imaginations."

I added you after doing the same to you. :-)<br />
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You are legit in the fact that you at least think things out before posting them most often. You seem to be anylitical in thought. I may not agree with everything. I do respect the process you seem to often put in to your words.<br />
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I tend to not put people on who bash others. Rather try to add people that think things through and pressent those thoughts accordingly with pashion yet respectfuly as they may. Yet often as you've found I'm sure, a quick skim of a persons recent post may not tell all we wish we knew before we added them. :-)