When I read about this group I had to laugh out loud.

But ever thought that they made as group so that they could help someone?

Say someone made a group about self harming for instance.

They may not do it, but they want someone to be able to be given the chance to share their pain and they may not hurt so much!

But I do agree with you if people just do it because they are bored because we dont get that group!!!!!



ok cya! xxxxx

Adri-irda Adri-irda
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2006

at first, i thought it was silly that people would start a group without including a story. but, when i read your comment, i decided i was wrong. you make a good point and it is well taken. maybe there is someone out there who is too shy to actually create a group buy may be willing to share a story if they see a group has already been started. Thanks for writing!!

6 other ppl disagree with with YOU. If you are truly going to help someone, you write about and share your experience. Most of the blank ones have provocative titles that people put there for various and sundry reasons. But I wouldn't expect someone of your age to understand that.