Reputation Sucks

I just got done talking to my mom about pledging a social club.  Somehow she knew I was planning on doing so...I shouldn't be surprised though; she tends to be able to dig that kind of stuff out of me.

Anyway, last year, I was doing the same thing, and she actually FORCED me not to was ridiculous.  I have a story about it somewhere on here.  Anyway, now she's a little bit more open to the idea, but she still doesn't like it.  She insisted on "talking" to me about it.  I told her I didn't want to argue about the same old crap we argued about last year.  She said we could just have a civilized conversation about it and tell each other what we think, without actually arguing and disagreeing with each other.

Turns out it wasn't too bad...we didn't argue any.  It was still a little annoying, but much better than yelling at each other.  I told her why I wanted to join, and she told me why she didn't want me to.

But here's the thing...most of...well, I guess all of...the reasons she was against social clubs was because of their reputation.  See...for one thing, she's seen this movie (I forget what it's called) about this wild, crazy fraternity who just does all sorts of stupid stuff and parties and drinks all the time.  Also, when she was in college, her school was kind of a "party school" with lots of fraternities and sororities that were well known for doing these stupid things, and for being "clicky."

She also talked to a girl that goes to school with me about it (who is NOT in a sorority, by the way), who said all the clubs here have a bad reputation.

So basically, she got all her information from Hollywood, people she doesn't know, and people who have absolutely no experience whatsoever with fraternities and sororities.  All her judgments were based on preconceived notions and what the "reputation" of these clubs are.  Nothing objective at all.  I've talked to some of the guys in Tau Phi (the frat I'm wanting to pledge), and everyone who is in it loves it.  Basically, everyone who is actually IN a social club and actually knows what it's like, loves it.  Everyone else hates it.

I don't give a frick what their reputation is.  I care how they REALLY are...not how ignorant people who have no experience think they are.  And from all the rushes and prospectives I've been to, they all seem like great guys.  I want to pledge because I think these are great, fun guys and because of the fun things they do (the Cowboy Show, trips to Chicago, camping trips, poker nights, etc.).  Yeah sure, maybe some of the stuff in their reputation is true.  Probably two or three of the guys went out and got drunk one night and gave the entire club the reputation of being raging alcoholics.  Reputations usually work like that.  You know, like how people say all Christians are judgmental Bible thumpers just because of the few Christians they've met.  But even if some of the crap is true, that doesn't mean I have to take part in it.  As long as I pay my dues, I'm in the club.  I can go to as many or as little events as I want.  If I don't want to go to the spring formal, I don't have to.  If I start pledging and don't like it, then heck, I can just give up and drop out.  If they do anything I don't like, I can just quit paying my dues and drop out.

But I think the worst thing I could do is never even consider it or try just because of an unsupported generalization.

RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
Feb 9, 2009