How Annoying!

Last week someone here on this site requested to be my friend, citing several things we had in common.  Of course, I said yes, because isn't that the whole point of the site?  As soon as I did, he sent me a link to a book he had written.  While I'm sure it's a wonderful book, it's just not for me, and I told him so very politely.  Over the next several days, he kept continuing to push his book on me and finally when I said (again) that it's not for me and I won't be purchasing it, he deleted me from his circle.  How rude!  It seems his entire purpose for being here is to market this book of his.  Is it just me or is that not what this site is supposed to be about?  Needless to say, I won't be recommending the book to anyone, whether I think they'll enjoy it or not!
Sidira Sidira
31-35, F
6 Responses Jun 23, 2007

Oh believe me, I know we're not *all* like this... ;)

I'm sorry that the author tried to sell you his book on EP. Please don't think all authors on EP are that way. I am an author and songwriter, but I remain anonymous and will not advertise any books or compositions I wrote to profit by EP members. All my profits will come directly from my website when it is up and running.

I have yet to experience this, had no idea this was going on. Ah well, where can't advertisements reach us these days?

We don't promote advertisements in PMs or Stories here, and try to monitor it as best we can. Please let us know of anyone who is advertising in stories, or sending you unsolicited advertisements in personal messages so we can remind them of the purpose of the site. We want to keep everything friendly and relaxed here, which is hard to do around pushy sales people!

LOL -- Worst thing is, that's about how blunt this guy was with his sales attempts. Thanks for the laugh...

I know what you mean. It happens. It is just best not to let it bother you. However, since we are friends now, have I told you about my new computer program I wrote? it is only $19.95. lol, sorry I had to go there.