No Wrong Way To Love

I met a man that  i fell totally in love with about 2 an a half  years ago,when i found out he was cheating on me i felt devestated at first but then when i got to know the other girl, i found out what a wonderful person she was an that she loved him every bit as much as i did,then i decided to stay in our relationship and it worked great for about six months but then unfortunately,the other girl couldn't handle it anymore;but him and i stayed together heartbreakingly though things ended between us for many reason i won't get into but it taught me that you can indeed love more then one person at a time!!! Who know's maybe one day i'll find that special relationship.
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Good for you! It's great that you're so open-minded, because it's true, a person can love more than one other person, and if everyone involved can be accepting of the circumstances, it can actually be a really great situation :) Good luck with your future love life!

you should not have allowed such an arrangement ,coz there will always be conflict of interests and maybe thats y it ended.not judging though but when you give your man whatever he demands or requests he usually ends up disrespecting you

Caveman... you hit the point... Its like a give and take. But I think there is a potential conflict of interests in a multiple relationship... And that is why they say, its preferred to be exclusive.

I personally believe in equality in relationships. That means that the parties have equal say in defining the terms of the relationship. I believe that even BDSM relationships are equal because power is given by consent.<br />
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"Consent" becomes a matter of discussion when we talk about children or others who may not be in a position to voice dissent. A wife, for example, who has children and wishes to stay at home with them and relies on her husband to support them. Suppose now that the husband wants to add another woman to his life. The wife can say no, of course, move out, find a job, hire a nanny, etc. Obviously she is not in a position to say no without serious loss to herself and children. Is she a "consenting adult" to allow another women into her husbands life to save herself from poverty? Without the force of societal norms on her side, she is at the mercy of her husband and his desires. Monogamy is good for women.<br />
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Love is a great thing, but it can be a tool for oppression. Our monogamous norms and laws have been developed over a very long time with good reason.

a relationship i see as only valid if all people involved are concenting and aware of what they're getting into. regardless of age (people like to jump on , "well if an 8yo got with a 40yr old..."<br />
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someone has a lot of explaining to tell me why an 8yo was thinking anything about someone other than their peers or in the privacy of their room with themselves, ... anyway. (honestly know a 13y/o who is with a 23y/o, ... i dono how it started, i'm not a fan of whatever his intentions were, but she wants to be with him, it's not in my heart to break her heart because of what i think is acceptable for me<br />
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best definition of "cheating" doing anything without your partners knowledge before you started. you don't go out to the bar to find someone and start kissing and fooling around without letting your partner know what your going to the bar for.<br />
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for poly, ... same rings true, no secrets, no lies, no deceptions, so long as everyone knows what they're getting into. so long as everyone is happy it will last