Why Shouldn't It Be Legal?

     Just because a few nuts jobs took advantage of the government  and forced children into marriage doesn't mean the act should be made illegal. If you look closely what the government is doing actually does infringe upon the right of freedom of religion. But that not what my argument is essentially about. It's focus more so on the first part of my statement.
      In a poly family the husband and 1 (at the least, more depending on how many wives there are) can work and still afford to take care of the family, in my opinion,So really there wouldn't  and should't really be a need in many cases for government assistance. But there still may be a need for G.A. Polygamy can be legal if regulated, and i don't mean tell us how many children we can have or how many wives or husbands we can bring in. Have rules about how if you are a poly family with this many wives and children, you can receive this much government assistance if you need it. It's just like how monogamous and single parent  families have certain standards they must meet  to get G.A,so will (and should) poly families.
     To be able to financially do the poly lifestyle, you have to pool your funds together to allow for the bills to be paid, food to be bought, clothes for resulting children and the adults, then put the rest in saving and entertainment funds. you might not have extravagant amounts of money but things are taken care of. Also if you want another wife who cannoit deal with living in the same house as your other wife for the adjustment period as you all rework financing to be able to get her her own place (if thats the route you want to go versus all living in the same house,which is what i am for) then maybe she isnt right for the family. Remember polygamy or any other type of poly isn't about selfish i wants. one person might want a person brought in for selfish reasons but  if that person isnt good for the family it shouldn't be allowed.
     Poly is just like monogamous relationships. You might spend years getting to know some one or it might just click and you know, so you waste no time. I strictly believe though that a new wife or husband should spend time with each adult in the family in group settings and in private settings,and when the husband or wife (whoever is the single sex in the poly usually making them the head of household) decides they are ready to make the addition a true though not legal marriage, then everyone should sit down and talk about this. Ask "Is everyone comfortable with this?" , "Everyone ready?", "Does anyone have objections?" "How do you think we should divide up personal time, so that each of you receives the time you need and the time you want as well as have time to be together as a family?" " How will we keep track of our'schedules?'" How will we deal with the new funds that may or may not be coming in?" " Who if any will be a stay home spouse and who will work?". These are just some question that you can ask yourselves that may help the marriage work. 
     The head of household should also encourage,not force, his/her wives/husbands to foster a personal relationship of their own with each addition, so that they feel comfortable with this person the are sharing a spouse with. Something like a brother/ sister/ friend bond. Understand that fighting in no way is an indicator that the relationships is not working. Fighting is normal in every relationships, but if its persistent and hurtful constantly, then you have need for pause.
I truly believe that poly relationships can work and i hope one day my fiance, and the government as well,can see the benefits out weigh the downfalls .
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Feb 26, 2012