Love Them All Special

My experience is not an actual experience but one of how I really feel that I want to have and love more than one women very specially and all equal.

To make a beautiful loving, caring ,positive and everlasting family all as one. I have always had that feeling and desire. Perhaps it could be said my experience is one where I have to date never been able to experience and pour out my love on the beautiful females in my family and never experience the joy of sharing the majestic experience of having our own children to raise and cherish and love.

When all said and done we want Polygamy to be legal. The facts are that a marraige certificate is only as legal as the love and bonding of the participants and without that it simply doesn't work. A family with more than one wife that have bonded and have a deep caring love are going to make the marraige work to the end of each partners life.

Polygamy for example would suit participants where the women are bisexual or even lesbian and love one another very much and desire the love and participation of a male to  fulfill their lives in a complete family.

This is just one of the example's -it is known polygamy works well with straight females also.

To me it gives females the fexibility to live a carreer life and share the feminine things amongst themselves and help younger wife's in the poly marraige through the feminine side of pregnancy and child rearing by experienced mothers while the husband helps out also just like a monogomous relationship.

While still looking for participants for my family I am very comfortable with it and hope life doesn't pass me by without me being able to pour out my love,care and joy in our own little family.

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That was beautifully put.