Depressed!!! After doing so much as a single mom for my son he then decides to leave me & live with his dad...😓
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The teenager always sees that somewhere else is better than where they are. I think it is part of growing up. They feel restricted by the parent and, of course, they know how best to raise themselves. They have to find out on their own the the grass is not always greener.
Know that you are doing the best you can and the teen will eventually figure out where they belong.
Be brave and strong. I wish you well.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank-you soooo much... Its hurts): l did everything for him...

You are his mother and you want to do everything. He, as a teenager, is becoming his own person and this is his way of telling you to step back. He will make mistakes and will have to live with them. You can watch and offer your love and encouragement. It will not be easy for you but you can give him your love and wait for him to accept it and return it.
It will come back to you in time. and he does love you. He is your son.

Remember; (I know this is difficult) it's not about you, just do the best you can to try to focus on what's best for him. (My daughter moved back with her dad and it truly is the best thing for her. I miss her so much.) remembering that if you do what is best for them, it helps slightly...not perfect, but it does.