Hypocrite Much?

i'll never forget how shortly after the columbine shooting, rosie was on her daytime talk show, ranting and crying hysterically about how much she hates guns. she basically said that no one, police included, should have access to guns, and that this would solve all the problems of violence in the world.

not long after that, i read an article about the backlash of her comments. it said that after all the hate letters and death threats she'd gotten, she started having her kids escorted to school by ARMED guards. um, ok? i guess she thinks guns are bad, unless they're protecting HER family. even now, when she walks down the street with her entourage of bodyguards (after shooting her mouth off yet again over something or other), what does she think they're carrying to protect her? baseball bats? somehow i don't think so.

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5 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Oh my, she can't even keep one of those..every show gets enough of her bad behavior! Sad but true.

oh man, the flintstones! that was a good movie. i forgot she was in that. i guess dressed up as betty rubble she somehow seemed more human!<br />
<br />
but yes, in every other way she makes my stomach curdle the instant she opens her mouth!

i agree. i just can not stand her at all. The only thing she's done i like was Betty Rubble's in the Flintstones.

I agree with ya'll!! She is so freakin annoying!! Just looking at her or hearing her whiney-*** voice instantly ****** me off!

me too..OMG. She starts her own trouble. She use to be an alcoholic..that could be why her opinions sounded like rantings. I liked her in 2 movies. Flintstones and Sleepless in Seattle. That's it..sorry Rosie. { blows raspberry here}