Be Honest About Your Beliefs!

Without going into the entire story behind Scientology, I want to point out that many Scientologists appear to be ignorant of their short history, and of their core beliefs.  Either ignorant or dishonest.  I have read Dianetics as well as writings from believers and the larger majority of those who have fled what they call a cult.

I went into the Scientology Church in midtown Manhattan back in 1984 and took their "free personality test".  I had the tour, and realized that the test would be the last free thing they offered.  As a matter of fact, this group chased me so hard and for so long, all the way back home to Texas, as a matter of fact, it was frightening.  After I did my reading, and knew I wanted nothing to do with the group, I had to have a lawyer send them a letter asking that they no longer call my phone number three times a day.

One of the things I was told again and again when I went into the church 22 years ago was that 'Scientology doesn't replace anyone's religion, it works with that religion'.  That could be truthful, in a left-handed way.  The truth is, if they were going to be straight up honest, they would say that all other religions are fake, and were implanted into society by these disembodied spirits that inhabit all of us, and that only by spending LOTS of money, going through MANY steps of auditing and education could we learn the truth behind Buddah, Jesus Christ, Allah, etc., etc.  The truth is, all religion (except Scientology, of course) is a device planted like a seed to keep us confused and spiritually enslaved.  Only Scientology can free the world from this enslavement.  This is what Scientology teaches.  Not right away, but after they've taken as much money as they can convince you to spend to pay for layer upon layer of courses with more and more revelations regarding the origin of humans on the planet Earth.  Ask any Scientologist about Xenu.  Or Thetans.  Google these names for yourself and compare what is written to what is professed by the Scientologists.  In my opinion, if they gave potential believers the entire truth at the beginning, they would have a very small and poor group indeed.

I respect anyone's right to believe what they will, and Scientologists are no exception.  When they misrepresent what they believe,  and go about the business of recruiting under false notions (I can still believe in Jesus and be a Scientologist) that respect goes out the window.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2006

A very well balanced account...I hope that lots of people read your story

Absolutely agree! And yet, they are growing in power very quickly - just look at Hollywood. They're the new Stonemasons, only, weirder.