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For someone to find a niche to turn God into another business - yes, I suppose Scientology has helped many but it is expensive to "get clear" or whatever their terms are. 

My view of organized religion is - "it's just a way to turn God into a good business".  It makes lots of money, puts fear into people so they keep coming back.  But, it does help humanity so it can't be all bad. 
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I forgot to put something personal in here. I had a cousin who was a Scientologist - he had to leave his family - and last year he died without getting to tell them goodbye. Sad.<br />
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Thank you for the site Kiatsu.

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Please see this web page and comment: www.cifs.org.au <br />

I agree with you - it promotes a virus of the mind also! My Mother had such a simple faith - I used to envy that. Wouldn't it be nice to be infected with that virus and not search any further for meaning. Sometimes I feel that way but I could never be that way permanently. Thanks for the 5 rating!

You think of it as business, I think of it as virus of the mind that makes the host feel warm and fuzzy, all the while enforcing delusions of immortality...Business must grow, as a virus must spread. And when your business is selling immortality, it is highly infectious. I'll have to read some of your stories, heres a 5 rating for you.