Her Story

Just today I read an article in the newspaper. A woman who was a scientologist for three years told her story. she's also founded some sort of help group that you can join if you want to get out of scientology and can't.

she told about the scientology central in england. "Saint Hill". and that you are taken ther when you've done something wrong, broken the rules etc... And she said that they say that it is something like rehabilitation. That you do gardening or something like it. Well, this woman was there and she was held in a tiny cell, had to read books by the founder for hours and hours, had to write her story down over and over again and got only for hours of sleep, not enough food and in the end was just exhausted, starving and wanted to die. but paid it all herself because she couldn't get out, cause she was so addicted.

That's what i hate sects for. Everyone knows what is happening in there and they still don't comment on it and say it's true...


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1 Response Jun 24, 2007

Good thing she got out. I think any establishment in which you must believe the unbelievable is asking for trouble.