I really don't know any...

I really don't know anything about Scientology's other then when Tom Cruse said that no one needs antidepressants.  Maybe he don't but if I miss more then 3 days no one can stand to be near me.  With everything that we have to face today no wonder people are on meds.

If Tom has a problem with antidepressants but me in a room with him about a week of me not taking my meds he will be begging me to take them.  

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As I understand it, Scientology has ways of dealing with these issues. If an individual can not be cured they are discarded. Within the church, they are described as a discard.<br />
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Some of their methods may work, others don't, and compassion does not appear to be in their vocabulary.

OMG - that was a pretty stupid thing for Tom to say! Maybe HE doesn't need them with his lifestyle but he should try living in the real world one day - idiot!!!